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Acupressure Cautions to Consider

Acupressure Cautions to Consider

* Apply finger pressure on acupressure points gradually in a slow, rhythmic manner to enable the layers of soft tissue and muscle fibers to respond. Never press any area in an abrupt, forceful, or jarring way.

* Use the abdominal acupressure points cautiously, especially if you are ill. Avoid the abdominal area entirely if a patient has a life-threatening disease, such as intestinal cancer, tuberculosis, serious cardiac conditions, and leukemia.

* Gently press or touch lymph areas, such as in the groin, the area of the throat, in the soft tissue just below the ear lobs, and the area around the breast near the armpits. These areas are often extremely sensitive and thus should be touched only lightly, not pressed.

* Do not work directly on a serious burn, an ulcerous condition, or an infection: for these conditions, medical care and attention is indicated.

* Do not work directly on a recently formed scar. During the first month after an injury or operation, do not apply pressure directly on the affected site. However, gentle continuous holding a few inches away from the periphery of the injury will stimulate the area and help it heal.

After an acupressure point session, your body temperature is lowered; thus your resistance to cold is also lower. Because the tensions have been released, your body’s vital energies are concentrating inward to maximize healing. Your body will be more vulnerable, so be sure to wear extra clothing, do not eat cold foods or drinks, and keep warm after receiving an in-depth acupressure routine.

Acupressure Boundaries & Limitations

Patients with life-threatening diseases and serious medical problems should always consult their doctor before using acupressure or other alternative therapies; it is important for the novice to use caution in any medical emergency situation, such as a stroke or heart attack, or for any serious medical condition such as arteriosclerosis or an illness caused by bacteria. Acupressure therapy must be used as an adjunct to western medicine and other complementary treatments for cancer, contagious skin diseases, or sexually transmitted diseases. In conjunction with proper medical attention, gentle touch on acupressure points safely away from the diseased area or internal organs can soothe and relieve a patient’s distress and pain.

Acupressure for Pregnancy and Lactation

Avoid the abdominal area during pregnancy. Use special care applying acupressure points during pregnancy by using lighter pressure – consciously approaching the pressure points slowly and gradually. Please refer to chapters 29 and 36 in Acupressure’s Potent Points by Michael Reed Gach for pregnancy points and breast feeding acupressure points are effective, what points to avoid during pregnancy, acupressure points for relieving discomforts due to pregnancy, labor pain pressure points, postpartum recovery points, acupressure points for nursing, and further acupressure therapy guidance.


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