Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1. Yongquan breast cancer

The yongquan is located at the exact center of the bottom of each foot. Starting with your left foot, massage this point as deeply as comfortable using your thumb or even a tennis ball—anything you have on hand.

If you have breast cancer, you should also apply moxibustion to this point. To do this, you'll need a moxibustion stick, which is a stick of tightly rolled dried herbs wrapped in paper (available at most health-food or Asian-food stores). Light one until it starts smoking. It will burn slowly.

To apply moxibustion to the yongquan, place a thin slice of fresh ginger over the point and hold a lit moxibustion stick a few inches from foot so the heat (not the smoke) penetrates the ginger and drives its essence into this point. Hold for about five minutes on each foot.

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