Sunday, November 30, 2008

Relieves Menstrual Fatigue

Relieves Menstrual Fatigue

This sequence of points relieves the fatigue that women experience just prior to the onset of their menstrual period. Tiredness may last through the first few days of menstruation for many women. This exercise can also help to relieve menstrual anxiety and depression. Caution: The second step in this sequence has traditionally been forbidden for use by pregnant women after their first trimester.
Sit up and prop your back against a chair. Hold each step 1 to 3 minutes.

Left hand holds point at the base of the ball of the left foot. This point is located between the two pads of the foot.

Right hand holds the point midway between the inside of the right ankle-bone and the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon is located at the back of the ankle.

Left hand holds point below right knee. This point is located four finger widths below the kneecap toward the outside of the shinbone. It is sensitive to the touch in many people.


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