Monday, November 24, 2008


Acupressure relies on the correspondence between certain nerve and energy centers in the body with the body's condition. By pressing on these nerve centers, you can alleviate conditions such as headaches. Here is how to use acupressure points for a headache,


Know which acupressure points correspond to headaches. In Chinese acupressure, the culprits are most likely to be the three head points or else the cluster of four points found at the base of the skull.


Find the three acupressure head points. The head points are found in a line starting from the crown of the head and working down toward the back of the skull. To find these points Holistic suggests placing your thumbs on the top of each ear with your fingertips meeting at the top of your head. You should feel a depression near the top of your skull. This is the middle of the three head points, with the first point about an inch above the middle point, and the third point about an inch below the middle point.


Press gently but firmly on the pressure points.


Find the four acupressure points at the base of the skull. To find the first pair, place your finger tips on the angle of your jaw on each side of your head. Follow that angle up and back until you find a lump of bone behind your ear. This is the mastoid process. From here, slide your fingertips straight back. You should find a hollow on each side of the base of your skull. These are the first pair of acupressure points.


Press on the first pair of acupressure points using firm, gentle pressure.


Find the last pair of acupressure points. Put your hands over your ears with your thumbs down and pointing to your back. Your finger tips should touch over the middle of the base of your skull. Slide your fingertips down until you find a hollow at the base of your skull, just at the top of your spine. These are the last two pressure points. Press gently and firmly.


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