Friday, June 6, 2008

unconsciousness and acupressure


A primary aim of first aid for someone who is unconscious is to protect the victim from choking. The individual's own tongue, along with blood, saliva, or vomit, are the things which block the windpipe and stop breathing. You can avoid the risk of suffocation by bending the person's head back and pulling his or her jaw forward. This simple movement prevents the relaxed tongue from blocking air to the windpipe. You can also put the person in the recovery position. It is safe, comfortable, and relaxing. In this posi¬tion the injured person can breathe freely, and fluids such as blood or vomit can escape from the mouth, lessening the risk of choking.

With the victim laying on his or her back, you can pick up the head and rotate it lightly from side to side making an adjustment. Also you can press the center of the sole of the foot (KD1) with the thumb very strongly. Pressing the acupoint (GV 26) above the cen¬ter of the upper lip is helpful. These will help recover consciousness.


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