Thursday, February 7, 2008



If a slight fever is present it can be dealt with easily at home. If the fever is high and medical attention is necessary, you can also do the following until you can get to a doctor.
Sponge the child or put into a cool bath.
Mix a little apple juice with twig tea and give to the child.
Place a cabbage leaf or a tofu plaster on the child's head


Each burn case must be watched carefully. Burns from hot water, fire ,and hot oil can be treated the same. For small children don't put ice on the burn; this is too strong for them. It contracts the outside skin with the heat trapped inside. Because of this the burn can't heal quickly. Cool water or tofu plaster is appropriate.

If the burn is minor, then a little oil placed directly on the skin covered with green leafy vegetables is appropriate to use after the cool water application. Because sesame, corn, or olive oils are recommended for everyday cooking, you may have these on hand. However, any oil that you have in the kitchen will do. Cabbage, kale, dandelion, or any other available green leaf vegetable can be used for the cooling outer wrapper.

As a first aid measure, immediately put miso paste or tamari on the burn. This seals out air and stops blisters from forming. This works very well. A couple of days later, the oil and green leafy vegetable combination can be used to cover the wound. If there is swelling, tofu plaster with greens is helpful to reduce it.
For a more severe burn, don't use oil. Seek medical attention.


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