Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bed wetting (enure sis)

Bed wetting (enure sis)

Drinking beverages before going to bed, emotional difficulties and generally improper eating habits (such as too many watery foods like fruit and fruit juice) all have their effect on the
function of the kidney and bladder. It is best not to eat or drink two to three hours before going to bed. While many times the child will outgrow the problem, proper diet and shiatsu cer¬tainly will speed up the process. Don't scold the child.

Gentle shiatsu on the lower pelvic and sacrum areas affects the bladder. Also massage on the legs will increase the energetic flow to and from the bladder. Finally, pressing the acupoints below the navel (CV 4, CV 6) strengthens the urinary functions.


Warming the following acupoints will treat the problem: CV 4, CV 6, SP 6, KD3, and LV 1

Kl) 3

LV 1


Leg stretching exercises which stretch the inner leg and the groin can be done. The same types of exercise that is effective for prostate trouble is effective here. These can be done before bedtime. One simple exercise is to sit on the floor with the legs out at a forty-five degree angle in front. Bend forward and try to lay the chest on the floor. Repeat this up and down movement several times.


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