Thursday, January 31, 2008

Children's Problems

Children's Problems

Children are a precious gift. When a child gets sick it is the parents who also suffer. They often feel helpless when their offspring experience pains, aches, fever, nausea, etc. In parenting there is the feeling that one must provide food, shelter, role models, education, and healing care. When sickness occurs, being untrained or unfamiliar in the healing area can lead to fear and worry.
Parents are the major educating source for their child.

The health problems that occur in adult life, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, and accidents, are the major causes of death. Nonfatal disabilities such as arthritis, back and hip problems, and hypertension, affect a very large number of people nationwide. It is the job of the parent to teach the child how to prevent these disorders from occurring later in life. Parents themselves must be educated so that they in turn can give guidance regarding preventive measures and healthy life styles.

Abdominal pain and digestive troubles are fairly common in children from time to time. Eating too many sweet things, eating too much before bedtime, or a number of other food related activities can cause minor stomach or abdominal upset. These troubles can be op¬portunities for the parent to begin to discuss the effects of different foods on the child. Asking, "Why do you think your tummy hurt so much last night? Do you think it could have been the birthday cake?" begins to make the child ponder on the cause and effect of eating. This is not a time to criticize the child. It is a time to discuss without finding blame. The child already has suffered the results of his/her choice. The discussion is a chance to become aware of that fact.

Abdominal pain is more likely to be significant if it is sharply localized and constant, especially if it occurs during the night and wakens the child from sleep. Fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, or weight loss should alert you that the condition could be more than minor. If these symptoms persist and your home treatments are ineffective, you should consult with a health care professional whom you trust. Natural healing techniques can be used for the minor complaints that all children have. Usually children respond very quickly to these treatments.


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