Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Toothache/Gum Circulation/Jaw dislocation

Toothache impaired

Gum circulation
Jaw dislocation

Decay of the teeth by bacteria is the primary cause of dental caries (cavities) and tooth and gum pain. Of all human diseases, dental diseases are the most common. Many people believe that loss of some or all of our permanent teeth is inevitable. This is not true if some preventive care is taken. Once some tooth or gum pain is present, you have already passed the early stage of the disease's development. Unlike other maladies where the immune system can cure the body, this is not the case with cavities. Problems can be¬come progressively worse until proper treat¬ment is received. This may include a dentist.


The first important step is avoiding sticky, sweet foods upon which bacteria thrive. Sugar, candy, honey, and sticky, rich desserts are some foods that remain in the mouth, on the gums and teeth. Brushing and flossing will remove these food particles. Brushing with salted water or dentie (charred eggplant with seasalt, available in natural food stores) keeps the inside of the mouth alkaline. It is the buildup of acids, made by bac¬teria eating the food particles left on the teeth, that creates cavities.


Press the acupoints around the mouth and teeth. This area will improve circulation and lessen pain. For jaw dislocation was well as toothache pain, acupoints ST 6, ST 7, and LI 4 can be used successfully. You can also press the back of the jaw below the ear. Acupuncture is effective for toothache pain.


The macrobiotic diet can prevent new dental problems from arising. However, previous cavities should be cared for properly. Nutrition is directly linked to creating good strong teeth as well as to healing disorders. Proper vitamins, minerals, and food nutrients must be included in the daily diet. In addition to whole grains, beans, etc., seaweed and green leafy vegetables are important to in¬sure that our teeth will last a lifetime.

When tooth pain is present, strictly avoid expansive foods, such as alcohol, sugar, fruit juice, etc. These will inflame the condition and increase the pain. Taking small pieces of salted plum or other salty condiments will contract the painful area. A small piece of salted plum (umeboshi) can be placed directly in the mouth on the painful area.
Dental plaque is caused by overeating, especially sweets and animal foods. Diet and cleaning the teeth are important prevention


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