Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cold feet
Sole pain
Heel pain
Bunion pain
Sprained ankle
Swollen legs and ankles
Slow healing after broken bones
Dislocated kneecap and puffed-up knee
Swollen knee

We can walk and move because of our feet, legs, and hips. When problems affect the lower part of the body, it can be extremely frustrating. Illness or injury in these areas is very common. Many people suffer from a variety of complaints, all of which limit their mobility and enjoyment of life. Shiatsu is effective in alleviating many foot, ankle, leg, and hip complaints. Once the initial pain has been relieved, regular exercise is important both for strengthening and keeping the area in use.


For circulatory problems in the lower half of the body such as cold feet, cramps, slow healing, varicose veins, gout, and swelling, a full body shiatsu is effective.
When specific injury causes the problem, then we must work directly on the injured part.
Soak feet in a hot ginger foot bath followed by a cold foot bath. This improves circulation to the feet.

For the heel - massage around the ankle bones, both inside and outside. After shiatsu is completed, moxibustion will further increase circulation. Warm the whole area with the moxa roll.

For the knee - when the knee is twisted and minor ligament or muscle strain occurs, ginger compress, shiatsu, and moxibustion effectively promote healing. With the receiver lying on the back, apply shiatsu above and below the knee to increase circulation to the area. Then, with the thumbs, press around the kneecap. Pay special attention to any sore spots. You can massage a mixture of 50% freshly grated ginger root juice and 50% sesame oil into the painful spots. Repeat this treatment twice each day. It takes a long time to repair the knee, so continue the treatment for one to three months and be mindful of not straining the knee further while it is healing.


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