Sunday, May 24, 2009

Acupressure for hair loss

Stimulating acupressure points will help reduce hair loss.

For who have thinning hair, hair loss is a very serious trouble.
Hair loss is caused by various factors such as poor food balance and bad shampoo method. The main causes are heredity and psychological stress. Is there any effective acupressure point for stopping such fallen hair?
In China, it has been thought that blood raises hair. The deep black hair is a proof whose blood is abundant (because blood carries nutritive substance to hair).
Therefore, it is important for the measure against hair loss to improve the flow of the blood of the head first.
The acupressure point that has an effect in improving the blood circulation of a head is the “Paihui” located in the top of the head.


The “Paihui” is located in the top of the head, at which the extension from a nose crosses the extension top of an ear on either side.
Stimulation method

Use about ten toothpicks bundled with the rubber band to stimulate the “Paihui.” Also, let's stimulate the portion from which hair tends to fall. And finally please give a stimulus uniformly to the whole head. Generally, perform the above method for 2 to 3 minutes, once a day. Be careful not to damage the head at this time.
In addition, it is still more effective if "a head massage" is practiced.
Head massage

As shown in the figure, with five fingers of one hand, push the “Paihui” and its surroundings lightly in the vertical direction. It is because many acupressure points that have an effect to hair loss exist in the surroundings of the ”Paihui.”