Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brusing/sprain/Swollen ankles

Swollen ankles

For bruising and sprains, palm healing and light massage directly on the hurt will increase circulation, ease pain, and pro¬mote recovery. If someone bruises easily this indicates too much sugar has been eaten. Easily sprained ankles or recurring ankle sprains indicate the gall bladder may be sluggish in its function. Don't eat meat or fatty foods. Instead of eating it, use hamburger as a

poultice on swollen ankles. The fat in the meat takes out inflamma¬tion and swelling—it really works! Don't touch the ankle for at least twenty-four hours. After one day's rest, administer hot and cold foot baths and shiatsu manipulation.


If your child cuts a finger , immediately put the finger in your mouth to cover with saliva. Raise the hand above the head and shake the hand. After doing this put miso and green leafy vegetables on the cut and bandage it.

Emotional troubles such as frustration

Adjustments in the diet should be made so that refined sugars are not included. Regular parent/child playing, such as doing a shiatsu treatment together, will bring a sense of security to the child and a bonding with the parents. Parents can help their children by encouraging them to honestly express themselves.


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